Timber Is The Better Alternative


Timber windows and doors are perfect for traditional style homes or contemporary architectural masterpieces. Timber is naturally hard wearing, strong, energy efficient and visually stunning.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, timber windows and doors:

  • have essentially no condensation because of the natural thermal properties
  • are extremely flexible in terms of colour (either stain or paint)
  • can to be made into custom profiles (including curved profiles) which is not possible with other materials.

Timber is tried and tested for the applications it is used for with all the building codes and scientific tests for support.  It has low toxicity and is easy to use. 

Timber is electrically resistant which is perfect with the ever increasing amount of electrical and electronic equipment being used.

Timber is the only building product that is 100% renewable, biodegradable, requires zero energy consumption to grow and with no hazardous by-products.

amazing thermal properties

Timber windows have excellent thermal and insulation properties, superior to other materials like aluminum or steel.

Double glazing also improves your energy rating, can assist with reducing your energy bills and is a great option for noise reduction.

all in all, it's a feel good thing!

And while those are all the important facts, there is no warmer, natural alternative to the richness of timber windows and doors.  It’s also a personal choice and feel good thing.


Fire Ready?

If you are building in a fire prone area or conscious of maximizing your fire rating, Just Timber Windows make Rating 2 (BAL 29) fire rated timber windows in Merbau timber.